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Annalee Schorr standing in front of Tapestry


Annalee Schorr was born in Pueblo, Colo., in 1940. When she moved to England with her husband and two children in 1967, her world broadened, and she immersed herself in art and history.

When she returned to the States, she intended to pursue a career in environmental activism. However, on a whim she took an art class, and serendipity took over. She began painting 20 hours every week, and despite having no formal art training, landed her first solo exhibit at Denver’s Brena Gallery in 1978. Since then, Annalee has maintained a steady art career, and in her free time travels the world extensively (48 countries so far).

My Work

Usually optical and kinetic—and sometimes political—my art always centers on pattern, geometry and grids. Though the true creativity of my art lies in the concept, it is also imbued with movement and charged with emotion. I play with optics to enhance the viewing experience: color, line, contrast, material, etc. One hallmark of my work is the mixing of usual and unusual materials, among them duct tape, plexiglass, and saran wrap, and though I don’t call myself a photographer, I often use photography for major projects.

Collectors of my works include the Denver Art Museum, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Southern Utah State College, Littleton Colorado Hospital, and such corporations as Jones Intercable, Spectrum Communications and Lansing National Insurance Co.

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