Annalee SchorrContinuing a career-long exploration of color, pattern, and geometry, my recent paintings challenge the visual stability of the viewer.  In the “Pattern Games” series I paint on sheets of plexiglas, creating precise, vibrant works which are conceptual –because the creativity is in the idea —  and perceptual — because they are meant to enhance the sensation of the eye, to be optical, kinetic, and emotionally charged.

On paper or board, the paintings mix chaos and structure. Glossy surfaces often hide many layers of obliterated pattern, text, or subliminal scribbles.  Careful geometry ties these important elements together.

Although I don’t call myself a photographer, I often use photography for major projects.  I photograph images on my TV screen, or homeless people on street corners — so that these fleeting impressions, often ignored or deliberately tuned out, can be thoughtfully examined.

Approaching a gallery room as if it is a blank canvas, I have filled the space with black and white stripes or with bundles of shiny mylar.  Gallery walls have been stacked floor-to-ceiling with TV photos.

Collectors of my works include the Denver Art Museum, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Southern Utah State College, Littleton Colorado Hospital, and such corporations as Qwest, Jones Intercable, and Lansing National Insurance Co.

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